Saturday, April 22, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 785 post 6 That Place on Jennings Road

Day 785 post 5 Early Morning and People at Work

Love these pictures. The top is nice, but I enjoy the bottom two a bit more. Like I said I'm not the best judge of my work. I enjoy all the people working in the middle picture, difficult to see them, but they are there. And the bottom picture cracks me up some. The guy is looking straight at me, something I didn't notice at the time. Beautiful morning for all of them to be working. And a beautiful morning for me to be driving to work.

Day 785 post 4 Barn Under the Morning Sky

Day 785 post 3 Cows

I love the cows under the sky here. I also took another picture just after this but I am posting it with a different set of pictures. It could go with either post, but...

Day 785 post 2 That House

On the corner of Crows Landing Road and Keyes.