Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 648 post 3 Drive to Work

I have long wanted to photograph the old white wood fence in the bottom picture, but have always fallen short. I'm happy with this morning image. The top picture is a random frame taken while driving to work. I'm sure I'll remember which place it is when I drive by again.

Day 648 post 2 Working Shed

I have always wanted a picture of this shed. I love the way it's aluminum glows in the morning sun.

Day 648 Poor Dog, actually two of them

I noticed this dog tied up in a desolate area while on my way to work yesterday. I wished I had my camera. She was still there when I left work and I almost stopped to see if she was abandoned but kept going because I thought she might belong to someone working near by. I did bring my camera to work today as I planed on taking her picture if she was still there. She was. So was a larger male pit bull, a pretty blue boy, with a more pleasing personality. It's nice to see they were not abandoned but I am sure they have a rough life.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 647 Bell Pepper

Sometime during the late summer my husband and I visited a local nursery. We bought a couple of tomato plants, a couple of green pepper plants and quite a few varieties of chili pepper plants. After planting we were very proud of our fledgling garden. The next day our puppy Smoky dug it all up. I managed to salvage a couple of pepper plants and one tomato plant. We figured we would not get any vegetables from our efforts, but this morning I noticed five peppers growing on one of the plants, and plucked this one which seemed ready. I don't know what kind of pepper it is, but we grew it ourselves. No pesticides. Ready to eat or cook or dice and slice or photograph. After cutting it open... It is a Bell Pepper!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 646 Dairy

I actually took this picture Thursday morning. If I was keeping up on this blog it would have been posted then, but considering I am not actively taking a picture a day, it gets posted today, Sunday, three days late.