Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 673 post 2 Smoky and his Rawhide Bone

I wasn't ready to throw away this backdrop so I laid it down and photographed Smoky.

Day 672 post 2 Disney a Day Late

I was looking at yesterdays pictures and have more that I like. Since this blog has become more of a secret diary of images for me, and since the rules have changed oh so often, and since I can do what I want, I am posting them.

Day 673 Disney a Half Moon Conure

A different background today.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 672 Disney takes a Bath

Stuck at home today and thought I'd play with a handsome birdy.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 671 Passing on...

My mom lost her three year battle with colon cancer July 12, 2012. In searching for images to use for her funeral services I found this picture of my mom with her three brothers. It was badly damaged and I did not have photoshop at that time, so we were unable to use it. My husband however, installed photoshop's newest version this morning. Thus I spent a small amount of time with my limited photoshop knowledge fixing it up as best I could. From left to right, David, Phil, Florence and Joe.

Day 670 Baby Birds in the Nest

Didn't I say I would get a better picture of a bird? A small bird built a nest in my sister's backyard. Pretty daring for the bird so close to humans, but no predators would dare get close to the nest with all the human activity. I didn't want to get to close myself as not to scare off the mother bird. But since my niece took a picture with her I-Phone and got very close to do it, I figured I with my more advanced camera and the ability to photograph at a longer distance, was not so bad. I'll mention what kinds of birds these are when I find out.