Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 191 The New Year's Breakfast and Water Play

Since playing around with water I've had many thoughts about how to photograph it. Many months ago I thought it would be fun to catch water flying through the air. I have seen this done before it's nothing new, but I have never done it. Keeping this idea in mind I began to wonder about different scenarios, one of them being adding color to the water. I tried it this afternoon and love it as much as I thought I would. I have all kinds of ideas about throwing water, locations, color etc... that I can't wait to try.
I have ideas all the time. More ideas than I can possibly keep track of. One of them is to photograph everything I eat for an entire year. Not impossible, but would require dedication. Maybe next year. I also love my avocado picture so much that I thought I could photograph all kinds of food on those brightly colored bowls and piece together a project when I have enough pictures. With that line of thought I noticed how my breakfast kind of begged to be photographed. My husband made me some oatmeal, I added a little brown sugar and a package of raisins from oatmeal I had yesterday at Starbucks. This would have been my first breakfast of the year had I not toppled the bowl while attempting to turn off the flash and spilt it all over the carpet.

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