Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 500 Disney Half Moon Conure

Not an easy picture for today. He is getting so comfortable having his picture taken all he does is groom himself. Not to mention I keep taking the same pictures. So it took me three times with him in front of the camera before I got something I liked. I'm trying to get different shots. This is not different per say.... but it is what I have. I just love all his shades of green. As a matter of fact when I was thinking about what I could name him I typed into google "Shades of Green" and a Disney site came up. Hence his name.... a name that stands for color, happiness and family.


  1. Thank you, I love this bird. He is so small but has a huge personality. When I read that most people think Half Moons are the plain looking conure, I decided a Half Moon was what I wanted. I always thought the one I had growing up was beautiful.