Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 609 German Shepherd Adoption Day

Part of being a foster doggie mom is bringing your foster dog to a an adoption day once a month. For Whisper and I that day was today in front of Pet Smart. Whisper had a few interested people and the couple who actually took her was the second interested party. However they were the first to talk to her adoption coordinator. So the third interested party lost out as they still looking at all their options while this couple was walking Whisper with their dog to see about compatibility. They liked her and are fostering to adopt. I hope it works out as they seem like a nice couple who will give her a great home. They are at top with Whisper on the left and their own shepherd on the right.
Before They took Whisper out for evaluation I was sitting by her crate. A perfect place to snap a few pictures of all the people passing by. And I do mean a few, as Whisper was taken away pretty quick. She is an awesome dog.

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