Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 739 Black Birds at Casa De Fruta

Wayne and I were sitting outside the sandwich shop at Casa De Fruta when a few blackbirds came asking for food. Wayne held out a piece of bread in his hand to see if a bird would take it, one did. The only one and she took it twice! I was slow with my trigger finger so it looks like Wayne is pulling it's tail, actually it did a back flip as it grabbed the bread. For the bottom picture I loved the color of the bird so I thought I'd try to get closer to it. then all of the sudden it cocked it's head and spread out it's wing and tail as if it were hurt. I thought birds only did that to lure predators away from a nest. Oh well, I'm sorry I scared it but I love the color in it's wings brilliantly glimmering in the sun. I wasn't that close, it could have just flown away.

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