Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 255 Family Fun on a Sunday Afternoon

What a beautiful day today. I was driving home and noticed a family outside playing baseball. The youngest boy who was wearing red sweat pants was striking against the deep blue of the sky and the deep green of the grass. So I pulled over and asked if I could take pictures of them playing baseball. I was so happy they said yes and laid down to photograph the boy with the red sweat pants.
This is why I love California's Central Valley, it's so nice to see families enjoying beautiful afternoons together. Yes I know families enjoy time together in the city, but the grass here and all the old wooden buildings are just so beautiful. It's the space.
As a photojournalist I sometimes photographed three to four little league games in a day. My timing was great and very rarely did I ever have a picture without the ball. As I sat here studying this image, it really bugged me the ball was not right there above the mitt. I did have some shots with the ball but I love his face expression and the brother in the background of this image. So I just kept starring at it, the more I looked at it, the more accepting I became of the ball not being there. Now, I actually like the anticipation of it appearing into the scene. I really love this picture, and I hope the parents of this boy like it as well. Bottom pic,

Lying on the couch pretty satisfied with myself for having taken a picture I liked, I began to become annoyed once again, that the ball wasn't in the picture. So I added the top two pictures. (3-20, now second and third from bottom) The ball is in both of them. I still can't make up my mind which is best. Maybe I should have photoshopped the ball into the bottom picture?

3-15 O.K. I can't handle it. The ball needs to be in the bottom picture. Too bad I didn't get it at the scene but modern technology exists for our advantage. And while I have not photoshopped anything since the start of this blog, I had to photoshop the ball into the bottom picture. The photoshopped version is second from the top.

3-16 In looking through the pictures of this boy I noticed a picture with the ball that had the background I wanted. I think I was looking for a catch instead of a throw and maybe that's why I missed it. So I have to add it. Top, I did say I'm not very good at editing.


  1. family of the boy....great pics...thx!

  2. Thank you... I was hoping you would like them. I had to photoshop the ball in the picture I liked. lol

  3. The one second from top, where the ball is photoshopped in, is the best :-)

  4. i think you did a great job with the photoshopping...good choice