Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 600 Disney a Half Moon Conure

Disney's been feeling a bit neglected so I photographed him today. As I was taking out my lights I dropped one. All I could hear was shattering... Uggg Plus my regular lens doesn't automatic focus anymore with out making a long drawn out broken motor sound. I think it's time for me to get some new equipment or at least get what I have repaired. So no more posts until then. Without a good lens to photograph outdoors or lights to use for inside pictures there is not much else for me to do. I do have a few rolls of black and white film I have been wanting to use so this good be a good opportunity for me. Day 600 is time for me to take a break. To bad I haven't been able to get to a year of a picture a day. I will say that the only days I have not been able to take a picture have been days spent with my mom and helping her in what ever way I could while she deals with her cancer.
O.K, I'll be posting again when I have fixed camera equipment or some new equipment. Most likely what I have will be getting repaired.

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