Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 604 Property owner and a Long Story

A little over a year ago Nor Cal Equine Rescue contacted me to check out a horse rescue. There had been many complaints that the guy was actually a hoarder/horse broker. So I went going undercover. I showed up at the rescue posing as a not so knowledgeable horse person looking to buy a horse. The guy showed me around trying to sell me a horse. Funny though every horse I was interested in he came up with a reason why I couldn't have that one. Any way the guy was full of it... He wasn't feeding the horses they were all skinny. He was obviously a con. I reported back and never heard any more about it other than HSUS knew about him and had him on their radar.
So today I am driving home along a different route and notice the property with no horses and two men standing around talking. I drove in and asked the two men what had happened to the rescue. The land owner told me he had evicted him last March. That the guy was a huge con artist and even took the last fifty dollars from a woman in a wheel chair to go buy hay. He never paid her back. He also told me the guy sold horses that didn't belong to him and kept the money. The property owner told me many people that had been ripped off were looking for that guy. Well anyways the property owner let me take his picture, bottom, and one of the house, middle, and of a house that was not on his property but that I could see it from his property, top. I always like to know what happens to people.
The property owner was very nice and understood me taking pictures. He said he had a friend who takes pictures of all sorts of things.

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