Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 233 First Camera Ever

I've been wanting to photograph my first camera, but haven't been sure about how to present it. It was a Christmas gift. The one thing I really wanted beside a pony. Recently a childhood friend, a girl who lived on the block in front of mine, recently found me on face book. How fun to photograph my first camera with pictures of my first friend taken with my first roll of film. I distinctly remember us all out front playing around and taking pictures with my new camera.
That's me to the left, on the bottom picture, with my youngest sister Wendy, my friend Teresa, and my sister Connie.
The middle picture was taken a few years later. We had moved into a new house up on a hill and Teresa came to visit. This might be the beginning of me cutting people's faces off when taking their picture. That's My sister Laurie, Wendy's hair, Connie and Teresa in back.
Top picture my MAGIMATIC! I took pictures with that camera for years!!! I just wish I could have held onto all the pictures.

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