Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 239 Portrait of Seven

One day while I was at work, probably about June of '99, my husband called to ask me who was this dog hiding in our bushes. I had no clue but prayed he'd be there when I got off work, which he was... I got on the ground and called him quite nicely to come here and he crawled on his belly over to me so I could pet him. We did try to find him a home but no one wanted him. We even called Lab Rescue but the woman said he was not part lab but part boxer. Here he is in February of 2010, still very beautiful and much loved.
I've been wanting to take a portrait of Seven with a black background for a long time now. Today I actually set up a couple of lights. It's just so hard to get Seven to cooperate. He's shy. This is the first frame and the best out of five.

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