Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 651 Drive to Work

WOW will wonders ever cease! I have taken a picture two days in a row. I am hoping to go for a whole week. And If I can do that maybe I can go two weeks? Maybe I can finally reach my goal of taking a picture a day for a whole year. I am at Day 651 and have not accomplished this. I need a better camera, this one is failing, I need a new computer, I need a lap top so I can down load and post when I am away from home. I need a place to process film so I can shoot black and white and post those pictures, I need a nice scanner so I can scan black and white pictures, what I really need to accomplish my goal is to win the lottery so I can have the time it takes to go get decent pictures. I need to buy a lottery ticket or two. Until then here are two pictures. I couldn't decide between them.
The top picture is the San Joaquin River. A difficult shot as I am driving across a bridge at this point and the barrier is so high that when I have taken this shot in the past the barrier ruins the shot. Today must be my lucky day. Better go get that lottery ticket!

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