Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 659 Disney a Half Moon Conure

I was browsing pictures of Half Moon Conures yesterday when I noticed a picture of Disney had a name I didn't recognize underneath it. Of course I clicked on it to discover a breeder in NH was using a picture of Disney to sell/promote his birds. I then clicked on his website to see Disney's picture on his web site as well. Can you say really annoyed? I e-mailed him to take down Disney's picture. This morning he responded he would, but that he didn't do anything wrong. I explained to him that even though the image didn't say it was copyrighted, it was. Today Disney's image is no longer on his web site.
This made me think about Disney and about how I don't have many good pictures of him. So I set up my lights and tried again to photograph my sweet little bird. Here he is all washed up.

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