Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 183 More Stuff on Black

Since starting this blog is seems as if I have a craving to photograph everything I see. I especially enjoy photographing things on black. And now that I have created a couple of projects I really want to photograph more things on black. I really think photography is my drug of choice. I also think since I am home again I should start trying to make a photo a day. But then again I am not sure when I will have to leave. My mom starts chemo Jan 13th. It was difficult to stop this blog because it meant so much to me to create a photo a day for an entire year, but given the reason it was easy. I also enjoy that no one who followed this blog, about four people that I know of, is following it anymore. I don't feel stress about having to create a good photo every day. Although even with that behind my photographic efforts I have many days I wish I could take back, be a little less lazy, and get a good picture. There are some spectacular embarrassments posted on this blog.

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