Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 185 Tomato on Red

I cleaned up my room today. I mean the kind of clean where you move the bed and vacuum underneath it. Which for some people can be quite often, but for me is every couple of years or so... While cleaning I found a paper bag, long forgotten, which contained several pieces of folded cloth. One of these pieces was bright red. I decided I would photograph something on red the moment I took out this sexy silky cloth. Red on red! how fun would that be. I had several red items but settled on a tomato. The cloth had wrinkle lines and being to lazy to iron it I photographed close up. I sort of liked the whole tomato on red but wanted something a bit more interesting. The steak knife is my favorite knife, I use it for everything involving cutting.

Foot Note, This is actually a post for Dec 26. I had it posted then deleted it to make a slight change not realizing that when I reposted it, it was past the midnight hour.

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