Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 313 Post 2, A Bunch of Girls

Yesterday I was walking down the street when I noticed a guy siting on a fence writing something in a notebook. He looked so introspective and the evening light was right on his shoulders. I could have taken a picture of him just then, but I wanted a closer shot. So I asked him for a picture. He smiled about it but told me to go get a picture of the girls. I really didn't want to, I've seen them before and they haven't seemed like very nice people, but I walked over and talked to them. I took a few pictures for myself then took a lot of pictures for them on their I-Phone. I walked back over to the guy and ended up taking a few pictures of him as well. He was fine when I took the pictures but afterward must have been afraid, (earlier he did mention he thought the police could eventually see the picture) because he then leaned over very close to my face and told me to delete the pictures. I refused and he grabbed at my camera and tried to delete them himself. I backed away and told him not to touch my camera. He then whispered to my face that If I didn't delete the pictures he was going to mess me and my camera up. I said "Are you threatening me?" He leaned back and just said delete the pictures. I refused. The girls walked over and proceeded to tell me I was about to get fucked up. They were all in my face with their arms waving in the air as they shouted out threats. I told the guy I don't like being threatened and it was because of that I was not deleting the pictures. The girls continually walked around talking their threats making a scene while the guy and I "discussed things." Finally he said "Please delete the pictures." But I didn't like the way he said please so I didn't. He said please a few more times. Finally I said "if I walk away are you going to do anything to me or my camera?" He said "No" So I deleted the picture and left.
It was not a very good picture. I had no problem deleting it. I would have when I got home as my general rule is if it's not good enough for the blog it gets deleted. The exception being Steven's swimming pictures. Although I have been rethinking this policy because I am not the best judge of my own work.
For instance, after I left this scene I met the two girls in yesterdays original Day 313 post. I took their picture and last night when I was going through my images I decided their picture was a better picture. I wanted to post one of the girls so I could tell my story, but I didn't think I had a decent picture. Now this morning with fresh eyes I absolutely love this picture, and because I do want to tell my story, and because I have posted my best pictures for a day a day or two late before, and because it's my blog and I can do want, I am posting this picture as yesterdays best picture.

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