Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 330 At the Movies

I've often gone to the movies with my husband and noticed all the wonderful colors. Always there are kids playing around in the soft light with all the colors behind them, today I finally asked if I could photograph a child I saw running around. The mom didn't mind and the little girl was so photographic that it was a huge disappointment to me that I missed almost every opportunity I had. She was so happy and full of laughter as she chased after a golf ball. Just as I was getting my bearings and feeling ready to get that "great shot" the older woman keeping an eye on her got up and they left.
After the movie my husband and I sat down at the restaurant across the way and had a light meal. Sitting outside I could watch as the people entered and exited the theater. So many great happenings in the light while my camera was out of hand. But I did manage this (bottom) picture.
She's taking a picture of her friends and I am taking a picture of her. How fun is that.

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