Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 342 OG and Lucy

While walking my dog Tyler I entered Moose Park from a different direction than usual. There I noticed a group of people hanging out near a picnic bench. I gave them a wide birth as I noticed one of them had a pit bull and I didn't want any trouble. Then OG and lucy came walking towards me, I moved further away and they sped up coming closer. OG said she just wants to play, and I noticed the extremely submissive behavior of Lucy and let the two dogs sniff each other. As they began to get a long OG told me how he had rescued Lucy from an abusive situation and how he wanted to socialize her. I asked if I could take their picture. He struck up a pose and I took several. Some of OG portrait style and some of Lucy. I really didn't believe I had a picture of the two of them together, but in the end this is my choice.

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