Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 363 Freddy in the Water Again!

I can't help it, I love this dog! Not to mention I have been working pretty hard in the first half of my days and by the afternoon I am completely tired and unable to get my old self up and look for a picture. I have taken pictures of Freddy in the water before, and not posted them as I have several posts of him playing in water. But my blog is about the best picture I take during the course of the day and if it is Freddy then so be it. He is after all very photographic! His Beautiful red fur goes well with the green grass background he is usually in. And... each time I photograph him in the water I try to shoot it differently. I am also thinking maybe I can turn him into a series like the one of my old blind horse Covey.
These images I picked for today were difficult to choose. When you love your subject how do you know if you are choosing the photo that is best? or the photo that is not best but represents who you love, so you love that photo? I hope I picked the best photo's.

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