Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 401 Mike and a Stray Dog Called Bubba

I was driving down South NInth Street when I noticed a dog running in the street. I honked my horn so he'd leave the street which he did, then continued on my way. While home I decided to go back out there and see if the dog was a stray. The dog was hanging out in front of the Auto Recyclers shop and Mike who owns the place told me he was indeed a stray who had shown up a few days ago. I took a few pictures to post on craigslist for Mike so hopefully the dogs owner will claim him. Mike said he's calling him Bubba and seemed to really like the dog. Bubba seems sweet and has a loving personality. Mike thinks he may have had an owner who was picked up which left the dog a stray. I hope Bubba becomes Mikes shop dog.

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