Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 402 Freddy and Justifiably So

First let me say I did not photograph Freddy as a way to have an easy picture for my blog. I went on a Sunday morning peregrination and shot four rolls of black and white film. I haven't done that in almost a year. Second I had no intentions of photographing Freddy today, I happened to see the sprinkler from the other side and loved the back light. Plus these pictures absolutely could not be reproduced in print as the quality would be to flat. They just wouldn't look right. And... I am trying to expand my field of vision, which I do believe these do. I mean who else would love these pictures besides me?

O.K. In stepping back I see that they are pretty much the same as the last set of Freddy pictures. But I still like them, especially the top one. And it is true these wouldn't be good enough for print and I like that too.