Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 406 Guy on a Bike and a Drug Shack

I was out pretty early looking for pictures and as I was walking across a bridge I noticed plenty of firemen and policemen. After asking around I found out that they thought there was a dead body in the lake. I took several pictures of the raft the divers were in looking for the body. Those pictures are quite beautiful as the lake was a deep color and the raft was bright red. But those are not the kind of pictures I'm looking for now-a-days.
While asking around this guy came riding by on a bike and I thought I recognized him so I went up and snapped pictures. He seemed surprised and said we hadn't met. Anyhow I meandered on my way and photographed another guy holding his longhaired chihuahua. I thought that would be my great picture for the day. But the pictures were out of focus. I think my lens is having a problem, which means I might have to stop the blog and shoot strictly in black and white. Something I'm wanting to do anyway.
Believing I had my picture for the day I walked back to my jeep. I took a short cut by the railroad tracks and took one frame of this old abandoned building. As I walked past I looked back into the darkness and saw a gray haired man looking back at me. I went to the opening and asked for a picture he said can't you see what we are doing? I said no. Then I realized that there were two of them and they were shooting up. I wanted to grab a picture but with my autofocus out of wack I knew to just grab one wouldn't work. Plus it was so dark in there I would have had to adjust my camera and they would have noticed that. I kept asking and the other guy got pretty insistent that I leave. Which I did. Probably not wise to stand and argue to a couple of guys stronger and bigger than I am who being drug addicts could do anything to me.
So I was walking away and as I neared the intersection I noticed a policeman on a motorcycle and thought screw you guys, I flagged him so he could get his good bust for the day, but he only waved back and rode down the other street out of my contact range.
The inside of that tiny building was disgusting. I think I'll go back tomorrow and take a picture of it. So here I am without a good picture for my days efforts. Maybe I should have a little more guts. I should have taken my picture and ran. If I would have had a black and white film camera I bet I could have gotten the picture.

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