Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 163 Painted Wall

It seems like I'm constantly driving home down D Street, and each time I notice a painted wall. I really took notice one day when it was painted differently. Since then I've seen it change many times and I always wonder who paints it. Today I was driving home and saw some guys out there with paints working away, so I did an instant u-turn and pulled into the driveway. They didn't mind if I photographed them and it was pretty easy with all he colors and bright sun. I really loved the shadows they were casting and tried to do something with that. I was pretty much done when a small SUV pulled in and a women wearing pink walked by. I asked her if she'd walk by the mural so I could get a picture of her in pink by the pink and she did. I really didn't like the full frame of that shot as the sun created to much of a glare, but cropped, I love the movement of her tattoo against the movement of the mural.

1 comment:

  1. i think the one on top would be super cool if the artist wasn't in it at all, just his shadow.