Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 165 Clashing Coffee

Sometime during my high school photography class I took this terrible photo. I mean more terrible than most high school photographs. I put my half moon parrot on top of a black horse statue which was sitting on top of my bed spread. The bed spread was green and gold and had many swirls of a distinctly busy pattern. This photo clashed so much, the eyes had to take a break, or they hurt.
I was driving home the other day thinking it would be fun to take an absolutely terrible photo on purpose. Plus I've been wanting to photograph coffee in my new favorite coffee cup.


  1. the patterns and colors remind me of a Matisse painting.

  2. wow that's really a nice compliment. Thank you, I was thinking I didn't reach my goal of taking a really terrible photograph so I'll have to do it again.