Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 175 Man in Chair

Two Sundays ago I went for one of my morning walks. I walk sometimes for a few hours looking for photographic opportunities. I was pretty happy with my findings on this day when I came upon this man. After taking two frames I started talking with him, and he seemed to appreciate my wanting to document ordinary life and was happy to have me take his picture. I was impressed by the proud way he sat in his chair. I took more pictures of him after our talk and he continued with his proud sitting mannerisms. This is the second frame from before I talked to him.


  1. i really want to see if you can get a b/w picture of someone sitting in that chair in the middle of the field in patterson.

  2. So funny... I look for that man every time I drive out there, but haven't seen him. I wonder if he's still around?