Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black and White

I've been out of town visiting with my mom. Each time I have gone out of town I try to still post pictures by going to the Junior College I attended, processing black and white film I've shot, and scanning a few pictures. This time I wasn't able to scan enough to carry me through the entirety of my visit. I did however take pictures every day, so the theory of my blog still exists.
I have been inspired to photograph more black and white which means given my busy schedule I might not be able to post a picture a day. We'll see.
My junior college instructor will allow me to take an independent study course with him so I can use the scanner and process film in the fall. Currently he allows me to do these things, but I need to allow actual students to use them first, and often times it means I cannot use them at all. So writing up a proposal sounds like a good idea, and will give me something to shoot for.

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