Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 389 Pictures of the Past, Siberian Huskys

I've been wanting a new puppy lately. All of the dogs I've had in my adult life have been from the pound, or strays that have showed up, or Tyler who was given to me by my friend. I've done what I could by spaying and neutering all my animals. This time around I think I want to get a dog that I have always dreamed of having, a Siberian Husky.
We had two of them growing up, Rocky and Missy. They had puppies often and I always dreamed of having my very own pick of the litter. It's a good thing I didn't I'm sure. But still the dream was there. I found a breeder and am going to e-mail them today about a puppy for next year. I thought it would be nice to show them pictures of the Huskies we had growing up, so I flipped through old photo albums and found these pictures of Rocky and Missy.
These pictures bring back so many memories of my family and our lives together.

The top picture is my mom and Missy, must be near Christmas.
The second from top is my sisters Connie and Wendy playing with the puppies. The puppies always brought so much fun and love with them. It was always sad to see them go.
The third picture from top is Rocky and Missy. If you look closely you can see another dog hiding behind them. That's Clyde an Afghan mix and probably my favorite dog of all time.
Below that is a group picture of Wendy, me and Connie with the puppies, my mom is standing near by.
The bottom two pictures were taken at our new house on the hill. You can see what a big beautiful dog Rocky is. That's him with me as a teenager sitting on the couch.


  1. They are adorable! I'm so jealous!!

  2. Rocky was alive when you were around, but you were just to young to remember.