Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 383 Jacy and Mike.... "KYLE"

While driving I noticed Jacy and stopped to take his picture. He was a very sweet boy who kindly consented. After leaving I thought for sure I wouldn't forget his name, but I did. I remembered it started with a J, had four letters and had a Y, so I looked up boys names and there you have it, Jacy. I believe it's right. Jacy.
I always drive by the flag in the bottom picture and think it would make a good picture if there was something red in it. And today I noticed Mike with his red bike so I stopped to take a picture. Mike quickly let me take a few then went on his way.

7-31-2010 I was driving the other day and the boy's name came to me, funny how that happens, it's Kyle! Starts with a K, has four letters and one of them is a Y. Oh wait I said it started with a J, well Maybe I'm wrong but I do believe it is Kyle.

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