Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 369 Gene

I was walking to a gas station to get some gas to mow the lawn, when I came upon Gene. At first I thought I would just pass him by, as I drive by this spot almost everyday and he is almost always sitting out there and I've told myself I would not take his picture. But I am stuck at home today, due to a cracked something in my jeep, and with tons of house and yard work to do, I thought I might not get a chance for another picture. So I stopped and asked him if he'd mind if I took a picture. He didn't mind and asked me for a light, I don't smoke and didn't have what he needed. Along came this man who did have a light. I snapped a few pictures of the two of them, and fully expected the other guy to tell me to knock it off, but he didn't. And I actually like the picture of the two of them best.
I hung around and talked to Gene for awhile, he mentioned he was in the chair because of a car accident. He also mentioned he had been in prison. I asked him if he had any regrets and he said no.

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