Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 127 Anika and Alexis

Several times I have seen Anika and have tried to take her picture. I have always been disappointed as the background just never seemed to work for me. Today I noticed a wonderful background with some of that evening light I love so much, so I asked Anika's mom if we could walk over there and try for a few pictures. Alexis, a young girl I remember seeing often a few years ago, but not much since, walked over with us and posed with Anika. I took several pictures of the two girls, who seemed to be fast friends, and have many images I like. After all children are the best to photograph. They are still natural and still honest.
Editing... I would choose the top picture if I were to edit, but am posting several.


  1. i really, really like the top one! probably my new fav.

  2. I like it too. I 'm wondering if it's suitable for my portfolio. I need twenty pictures by mid December. If I count this one I'll have six images from this blog so far...

  3. suitable, as in "kicks ass"??? then ya it's suitable