Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 134 Bus Stop

I drive by the bus stop often and always see people congregating there. I've thought it would be a fun place to take pictures, but I don't know the laws concerning such an area and thus have never gone. Today I decided to go, I parked my car across the street and walked over with camera in hand. I began walking up and down the alley way photographing people as they waited for their bus. About three trips back and forth before I sat down to see what I had. At that time a police officer came over to inform me people were irritated I was taking pictures. He actually said it in a nice enough voice, but I get so angry when police tell me I can't take pictures when I darn well know I can, so I told him I was in a public place, he said "Yes you are but this is a bus stop and the transit laws don't allow for people to hang around, "Do you have a ticket?" O.K. no I didn't have a ticket, and I wasn't sure about the laws in this place so after discussing the issue with him a while longer I left. I didn't feel like going to jail today, it's hot outside, plus I was pretty sure I already had a picture. Although considering the food I have in my refrigerator right now a free meal provided by the county, no matter how bad, might not be such a bad deal.
I can't believe I only have one picture I like. The lighting was great, the people were interesting, all the elements were there, and yet I have just one picture. Oh wait! It's a one picture a day blog. No big deal. Next Time I decide to photograph at the bus stop, I'll have to buy a ticket.

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