Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 132 Kathy Tina

I decided it was time to go back to Ninth Street for a picture. As soon as I crossed the street I met a Ed. He owns a few of the buildings and was watering down some plants. Ed and I talked and he filled me in on all the Ninth Street happenings. During that time quite a few people passed by, a man selling ice cream, Brandy going somewhere, Darren who had just gotten back from fishing under the Ninth Street bridge, Some guy on a bike who was threatened I took his picture so he turned around to confront me on the issue, and Kathy Tina. Kathy Tina seemed pretty upset. She was looking for a guy with long blonde hair in a pony tail. She was worried there was a woman in his motel room that was going to beat him up. She talked to us for a quick minute while looking around for the guy. I took a few pictures of her and we tried to settle her down. She turned around seemingly stressed and said no more pictures. I was going to oblige but couldn't help myself, I knew she'd make a great picture. I shouted in a fun and loud manner "Kathy Tina! One more picture!" She turned around as fast as could be, with a smile so big, and I pressed my shutter just as fast.

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