Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 146 Dan Winters

About twenty years ago or so, I was a student just learning about photography at a junior college. During my first year there I met a fancy New York photographer, Dan Winters, who was visiting his junior college teacher. He gave a lecture and showed some of his work, afterwards he went outside with a few of us beginners and allowed us to photograph him. I took several pictures of him smoking as I love the way cigarette smoke looks in photographs. I was just beginning to learn and my prints left little to be desired but I found them for todays post. What was old is new again. Yes a photograph of a photograph counts! As I am leaving for Southern California today to process black and white film, scan images and listen to Dan Winter speak Friday night. Such a nice man.
I asked him for a print of his work and he sent me an image post card style. It's currently framed and sitting on my grandmothers roll top desk.

I am making allowances on this blog to do black and white work. It is not a guarantee that I will have access to a scanner etc... I will post every day as I can. If not, I'll catch up later.

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