Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 120 Eric

While on an evening constitution through the local cemetery with my better half, I noticed many cats lurking about the graves. My husband stopped to talk to a nice couple sitting nearby while I attempted to photograph the cats. My efforts were futile, as the cats were to feral to approach without them high tailing it back into the tress from which they came. It was eerie, the cemetery with all those feral cats sitting on the graves. As the sun slowly set a shadow passed by startling me and a while a chill ran up my spine. By sheer instinct alone I turned quickly and snapped a few pictures. The camera showed no image when I looked, but now at home I find this picture. Strange...

O.K. the guys name is Eric and the bag is filled with cat food. But the picture does look eerie, doesn't it??

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