Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 122 Silverware, Apple and Beets

Tomorrow marks the end of the fourth month of taking a picture every day. That is to say I'm one third of the way finished with this project. What have I learned? That I have a lot to learn. The most important thing I've learned is that the kinds of pictures I'm taking are not what I should be doing... however, I'm not quitting the project as I feel it does have it's advantages. For instance I love photographing things on black and using the light I have. I also love my old plexi glass background as I love all the scratches it has acquired over time. I believe it adds texture to the pictures. I took so many pictures of things on black today I couldn't edit. By the time I finish this blog I hope to have at least fifty images of things on black.
Today also marks the third Sunday in a row that I have gone walking with my Pentax 645 taking pictures with black and white film. Most of what I shoot when I'm out are pictures most photographers wouldn't even consider wasting their film on, like all the empty houses and the houses that show signs of human life but no one is around. I am sometimes lucky on my walks and meet people who don't mind having their picture taken. These are the kinds of pictures I should be taking. I plan on a trip down South in September to process film and listen to Dan Winters talk about his work. He has an awesome book out titled "Periodical Portraits"
Since starting this project my best pictures, both of them, were taken on Ninth Street. But I don't have the good spirit you need to go photograph there much anymore. Can't say why exactly. A prostitute yelled at me today. I'm hard of hearing just kept walking.... Then later while waiting for my husband to pick me up, I was sitting on River road which crosses Ninth Street, a guy in a white truck pulled over and told me to get in... I told him I was waiting for my husband and he pulled out fast. It didn't occur to me until later that he thought I was a professional woman. Ass hole... "Get in" .... in his dreams...

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